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Come see curiosities from around the world and beyond! (but mostly from Alabama!)
Started in the 1970’s as Butch’s taxidermy shop and artifact room, the Museum of Wonder is now filled with art, artifacts and antiques, and some very strange items.  Visit The Drive Thru Museum, open 7 days a week. 970 Hwy 169 Seale , Alabama 36875


Butch Anthony


Butch Anthony : artist, picker and builder of things.

Here are a few articles if you’d like to learn more:

Art Shapes a Rural Alabama Compound

Butch Anthony’s Alabama Folk Art Compound


Mr. John Henry


Mr. John Henry Toney grew up in Sandfort, Alabama and farmed all his life. He used to drive a tractor around Seale and plow up folk’s garden patches for them. One day he plowed up a turnip with a human face on it… His art career was born. October 18, 1928 – October 24, 2019.




Want to build something?

Lets set up a time and get started! No tools or experience needed. Full access to museum workshop and supplies are provided.

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Museum of Wonder Shop

Shop Butch Anthony's Art Shop Butch Anthony's Found Objects



I can weld steel, mix concrete, paint, throw clay, bend wire , sew cloth, and hammer a nail. Mix all these together and you got Intertwangleism.


Architecture + Decorating


I only build weird stuff.
Need a rare decorating item? Send me a list and I’ll find it or build it for you.




Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art – JANUARY 17 – FEBRUARY 29, 2020 – Charleston, South Carolina Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art – JANUARY 17 – FEBRUARY 29, 2020 – Charleston, South Carolina JANUARY 17 –… read the rest…

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Hogwire Furniture Now Avaliable

Pick up in yard or email for shipping quote

Tonight’s Possum Trot List – March 1, 2013

This is a PARTIAL list of what we expect to be in this week’s auction: Very Early Fire Sprinklers Vintage… read the rest…

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Come all ye inventors, movie makers, ballerinas, bikers, morticians, bakers, artists, conspiracy theorists, scientists, foodies, eco-whatevers, moonshiners, comedians, fire-spinners, yodelers, he-shes, animal-trainers, pickle-makers, party girls, sock monkeys, stackers, jugglers, musicians, whittlers, spankers, fisherpersons, beggers, wanderers, and map-makers…….




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970 Highway 169 Seale, Alabama 36875



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